Our Vision

A new form of travel that conveys and preserves local culture.

Japan’s culture is more diverse and unique than one can imagine. We believe in that.

Within our approximately 3,000-kilometer-long archipelago, there are various landscapes, climates, products, and histories. What people see, learn, eat, create, and believe in varies from one place to another. Each region has its own distinctive customs and traditions deeply rooted in its unique environment. Japan is a country where an astonishingly diverse range of regional cultures thrive.

However, in today’s world, where efficiency and rationality are sought after, the distinctiveness of regions in Japan is at risk of fading away unnoticed.

Once it’s gone, it can never be the same again. To prevent the extinguishing of these regional cultural flames, ‘tsunagite’ was born.

Regional culture can undoubtedly only be preserved by ‘people.’ Tsunagite is a new mechanism that increases the number of ‘people’ or ‘connectors’ who pass on the cultures of various regions from the past to the future.

The finest ‘connectors’ actively working in various regions and travelers from all around the world who resonate with their activities. Through the connections formed by their passions, they sow the seeds of regional culture into the future.

By joining Tsunagite programs, you too become a new ‘connector.’ A new form of travel that conveys and preserves regional culture is here.

About Tsunagite

In order to become a 'connector'.

Empathizing with the Stories of the Bearers of Regional Culture

What's prepared for each activity introduction is article content that conveys the journey and sentiments of the bearers of regional culture. Through careful interviews, we unravel each individual's story, introducing the charm and history of the regional culture as seen through the eyes of the bearers. You can gain a deeper understanding of what is happening at the forefront of preserving regional culture.

Participate in Activities to Preserve Regional Culture

All the activities offered by Tsunagite are carefully crafted from the planning stage. What sustainable methods are there to pass on regional culture to the future? How can one feel the essence of the culture rooted in the town, encompassing both its 'special occasions' and 'normal, everyday life'? You can join cultural preservation projects that have been created through discussions with the bearers, tackling these questions together.

Living as a 'Connector' of Regional Culture

Visit the region and experience the culture firsthand.
However, that is just the beginning.
It's also great to continue engaging with the bearers even after the activities.
Actively purchasing local products to support them is also a good idea.
It's interesting to visit again after some time has passed and feel the changes.
Even after participating in activities, the future as a 'connector' remains open.