TSUNAGITE produced by Attractive Japan

A new form of travel that conveys and preserves local culture.

A new form of travel that conveys and preserves local culture.

In the remarkably diverse country of Japan, various regional cultures have taken root. Within its approximately 3,000 kilometers from north to south, Japan boasts different landscapes, climates, products, and histories. What to observe, learn, eat, create, and believe in – each region has its own unique customs and traditions deeply ingrained.

Such local culture has been passed down throughout Japan, "tsunagite" is a new form of travel to pass on such local cultures that have been inherited throughout Japan to the future.

Regional cultures can only be preserved by 'people.'

That's why we connect the bearers of culture and their sympathizers who are actively engaged in each region, increasing the 'connectors' of Japan's regional cultures to the world.

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    A Tranquil Seaside Town for Inner Harmony

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